Burglary Suspect Caught While Taking Nap in Stranger’s Home

WINFIELD, W/Va.- Police authorities reported that a man from West Virginia was found sleeping in a stranger’s house and has since been charged with destruction of property and burglary.

As reported by a media outlet, WSAZ-TV, the homeowner put a call through to dispatchers after discovering a broken glass door at his apartment and a strange man lying on his bed fast asleep. Police officers present at the Putman County home arrested a 39-year-old named Stacy Foster who was then charged with burglary and defacement of property.

He also told the cops that he found other damaged property in his abode which includes a glass window that was stained, and another door made of glass. The suspect’s jail term began on Sunday at the Western Regional Prison. No indication from sources revealed if the suspect will get a lawyer or not.